Sales Management

The "Sales" tab in the "Sales" section of your account provides a history of all completed sales and invoices in your account.

You can search your sales history by customer name, by transaction ID, by date and by payment method.

The sales displayed can be exported as a CSV spreadsheet file using the "Export" button in the top-right corner.

Clicking on the "Receipt" or "Invoice" buttons will open up a detailed view of the sale.

From the receipt screen you can issue a refund for a transacted sale or cancel a manual sale. You can also resend the receipt to the Email address you have for the customer. The print icon in the top-right corner will open the print dialog.

If you are using our online shop feature, you will see online sales and sales created through the manager account separated into "Direct" and "Online Shop" tabs above the sales list.

If you have the shipping option enabled for the online shop, sales placed online will have an option for updating the shipping status.

Learn more about that in our online shop documentation