Getting Started

After you create your gym, you will see our onboarding steps in the main dashboard. The onboarding takes you through setting up everything you need to run your gym. Some steps might not apply to your particular case, so if you wish to skip any step click on the checkbox icon on the left.

The topics of interest are:

  • Creating Gym Programs
    Add the programs / sports your gym runs, including rank / level structure. Having those in place will be useful when creating membership options and adding members later.
  • Setting up billing
    Connect a payment processor to enable charging credit-cards and using bank transfers (US only). Choose your currency, and set up tax rules for payments.
  • Create Membership Options
    Set up the membership options that are offered to members at your gym. Membership options include the payment structure and gym access for members.
  • Add members to the gym
    The core of manging a gym is keeping member records - add existing members and attendance records, through the sign-up form or by importing previous member data.
  • Set up the training schedule
    The gym schedule is used for attendance tracking and for the gym website. 
  • Setting up the gym website
    We provide a free gym website to users of our software. If you have an existing website you prefer to use, you can use our schedule and Email form widgets on your website, and connect it to our member portal.