Payment Processing

Gymdesk integrates with dedicated payment processing providers to securely collect payment information and process payments.

Supported Payment Providers And Fees

Gymdesk integrates with the payments providers listed below. You can review the pricing structure for each provider by visiting the pricing links listed here. We do not charge any additional fees on top of the processing fees charged by the provider.


Stripe is the largest payment provider in the world, processing over $817 billion in 2022, up 26% from the prior year. Stripe is available in 46 countries (and growing), and supports dozens of local payment methods, such as ACH, SEPA, Bancontact, BECS, Pre-authorized Debits, and more. 

Stripe's fee structure varies between countries and payment methods - you can learn more here.

Stripe's integration supports the BBPOS WisePOS E card reader if you would like to swipe / chip cards in person.


Square is one the best known payment brands due to their popularity in smaller retail stores and small businesses, and their card readers and terminals are very user friendly. Square is available in 8 countries (US, Canada, Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, France and Spain). Square support only card payments through its Gymdesk integration.

Square's fees are similar to Stripe's but a bit lower for in-person payments. You can learn more about Squre's fees here.

Square's integration supports the Square Terminal for swiping / chipping cards in person.
* Note: The Square Terminal is a specific device and the only one compatible with this integration. Other Square devices (such as the Square Stand, Square Register, etc, are not comaptible). is one of the biggest providers of payment solutions in North America. can be used as just a payment gateway - meaning you can use most existing merchant accounts with to process payments through Gymdesk. If you would like to keep your existing merchant account, this would be the best option for you.

Additionally, our partner, Friendly Payments, offers lower rates for US merchants (2.75% + 25c - negotiable for larger volumes). supports ACH debits through their eCheck feature (0.8% fee). Unfortunately, does not have a card reader compatible with this integration.


GoCardless is a unique payment provider that deals with bank transfers only (no card payments, as the name implies). It is available in over 25 countries and growing.

Payment Security And Compliance

Integrating with payment providers allows us to offload security concerns to companies with large security and fraud departments dedicated to protecting payment information.

Even the biggest companies fail with regards to payment security when it is not their core expertise. Companies such as Sony, British Airways, eBay, Home Depot and more got compromised and leaked millions of payment card details. 

We do not read or store any payment information directly. All payment information is transferred directly from the customer's browser to our payment providers' servers and is stored securely there. The integration is seamless, so to the end user is looks like all payment information is collected on Gymdesk.

Though we have never been compromised since we launched in 2016, in the case we are compromised, no payment information can be leaked since we do not touch it, hold it or store it ourselves at any time.

This also allows us to be compliant with PCI (Payment Card Industry) requirements, and make sure you are compliant as well when using Gymdesk.

Data Portability And Migration

All of your customers' payment information is stored with the payment integration you choose to use. This means that you can import any existing payment information you have already to your Gymdesk account, and you retain all payment information should you choose to migrate to a different software provider.