Migrating from a different provider

You can migrate most of your existing information with different providers into Gymdesk. This includes member information, billing information, products, attendance data, and more.

Member Information

Member information can be imported via CSV file. Most software providers will provide an export of your existing member data, either through their user interface or on demand by contacting their customer service. You can also easily download a CSV file from a Google sheets document.

Once your CSV file is ready to upload, go to SettingsMembersImport / Export / Merge Import member data. Use the Browse button to select the file on your device and import. You’ll then match the fields from your file to the standard Member fields in Gymdesk.

On the right side, there are a few import options to pay attention to. Please note that it’s important to set the date format correctly so that it corresponds with the date format on your CSV file. 

You can also set the default status for the members you are importing, marking them as active, frozen, canceled, invited or website signup members in your account.

If you’d like to remove duplicate entries with the same email address, that’s also an option here on the right. 

If your CSV file has custom fields that are not listed as one of those available in the drop-down options on the left side, you can add those by going to Settings Members → Custom Member Fields.

When editing a member profile, you will see the custom field you created at the bottom of the Member Details section.

Billing / Payment Information

Billing information, including credit card numbers and bank account information, should be transferred directly between payment providers for security and compliance reasons.

If you are using Stripe, Square, Authorize.net, or GoCardless as your current payment provider, you can connect directly to your Gymdesk account to both a) receive payments and b) sync your customers’ credit card information.

First, go to SettingsBillingPayment Processor

Stripe is shown as the payment provider in the example below. Once you’ve connected your Stripe account, you can sync customer billing data, adding payment methods for your members.

If you are not currently using one of our supported payment providers, you’ll need to create a new account with Stripe, Square, Authorize.net, or GoCardless. You’ll then contact the new provider for help getting data transferred over from your current system. 

Once you have customer information in one of our supported payment providers, follow the steps described above to connect your new provider and sync payment data. 

Attendance records

You can import your existing attendance data by importing it from a CSV file, similar to the member import operation described above. 

Go to SettingsAttendance, then click on the green IMPORT button on the right side. You’ll see the same CSV uploader used for members. Then you can match the fields in your file to attendance fields in Gymdesk and complete the import.

Products Import

You can import products for purchase with our point-of-sale feature. To import products, go to SalesProducts and click on the Import button to start the import process. Similar to the attendance and member data import, you'll need to upload a CSV file with your product data, and you can then match the fields from your file to the product fields in Gymdesk.

Leads / Prospects Import

You can also import existing leads and prospect data to use with our marketing features and invite them to sign-up online. To import your existing leads, go to MarketingLeads in your account, and click on the Import button in the top-right corner of the screen.

Similar to the other import flows outlined in this article, you’ll upload a CSV file and then match the fields in the file to the fields in Gymdesk.