Freezing and Unfreezing Members


When editing a Member profile, you have the option to freeze and unfreeze member accounts. This is helpful when a member wants to take a temporary pause from your studio, for example for an injury or illness. This article outlines how to freeze and unfreeze members, including how to use the settings for this feature. 

Freezing members

From the Members list, click the green pencil icon to edit the member profile. In the dropdown arrow on the Active button, you’ll see options to Freeze, Cancel, Delete, Transfer, Change to lead, or Make Staff. Click the Freeze option, and you will see several options for freezing the member. You can freeze them immediately or schedule the freeze for a future date.

Check the box next to Email Notification to send the member an automatic email notifying them of their membership freeze. If you check the box next to Freeze recurring / scheduled payments, payments from the member will pause as soon as you complete the freeze.

Below these options, you’ll see a dropdown to schedule future actions related to this freeze. Choose Dashboard Reminder and select a date for when you’d like a dashboard notification reminding you of the freeze. 

You can also schedule the member’s unfreeze date during the freeze process by selecting Unfreeze from the Schedule action… drop down then setting an unfreeze date. 

Unfreezing members

To unfreeze a member, first find them on the Members list, then click on the Frozen tab. Click on the Activate button on the right to unfreeze the member. 

If the member has been frozen and unfrozen within their current membership period, you’ll see the option to select the applicable membership to resume, and whether to charge them immediately or on their original payment schedule.

You can select from a few options here regarding unfreezing, depending on when you choose to charge the member.

Checkbox selections:

  • If you check the box for Prorate till next payment, the member will be charged a prorated amount, upon unfreezing, to cover their active membership time before their next full payment. 
  • If you check the box for Apply Credit, the initial payment the member made for the billing period will be reduced by the proportional number of days already paid for, but not used, before the freeze.
  • If you check Extend memberships by freeze duration, the membership expiration date will be extended for the duration of the freeze.

Selecting Continue original payment schedule from the following dropdown will maintain the member’s existing payment schedule when their account unfreezes. 

Selecting Charge on unfreeze date will charge the member for their due payment as soon as their account unfreezes.

If you are reactivating a member who does not have an applicable membership to reactivate, you’ll need to click on their name from the Members list and add a new membership to their profile.

Mass Member Changes

You can also freeze multiple members at once from the Members list. Click the Select button in the bottom left, and select several or all members on the page. Then click Actions Change Status from the dropdown menu, then choose Change status to see all the settings described above for the Frozen new status, once selected.

You can also mass activate members from the Members list. Navigate to the Frozen tab. Select all or which specific members you would like to unfreeze. Click Actions Change Status from the dropdown menu, then select Active as the new status.

Once you choose Active, you’ll see a preview of each member’s membership plan and payments moving forward, depending on which selections you make under Re-activate Members for their payment schedule. You can review what each of these selections means in the section above.

The activation screen shows a preview of payments that would be created. Be sure to check the screen shown above carefully to verify before clicking the Activate Members button. This will reactivate these members in mass immediately.