Using Zapier with Gymdesk

Zapier is a service that connects different web services without using code. Using Zapier you can create flows between other services you use - for email marketing, lead generation or communication - and your Gymdesk account.

For example, you can have your Email marketing software automatically create leads in your Gymdesk account. Or you can have new check-ins in your Gymdesk account be sent to a Slack channel automatically. The options are endless.

Getting Started With Zapier 

To get started, you would first need to create a Zapier account. Basic usage is free, but you might need to upgrade to a paid plan if you need to activate a lot of functionality.

Once you created your account, click on the "Create Zap" button in the top-left corner to create an integration between Gymdesk and another service. "Zaps" are custom workflows you create which involve 2 or more different services.

Every Zap starts with a trigger - an action that starts the custom flow. This can be an action on Gymdesk or in another service. For this example, we're going to start with an action of a new member signing up to your account on Gymdesk.

Search for "Gymdesk" in the trigger, and pick the top option that shows up.

Pick "New Member" as the trigger from the list.

Click "Continue" to move to the next step. On the next step, click on "Choose an account" then "Connect a new account". This would take you to a special log-in page on Gymdesk, where you will pick the account to use with Zapier. 

If you have multiple locations, you will need to pick the location to use after logging-in to your account.

Once the account is connected, you can continue to the next step. On the next step, Zapier will perform a test to make sure your account was connected successfully.

Zapier will let you know if the test is successful. If so, it should be able to pull a member from your account, like so - 

You're done setting up the trigger on Gymdesk. Click on "Continue" to move on to create the action that happens after a member signs up.

You can send the member data to any of the services that connect with Zapier. In this example, we will have it sent to a Slack channel, notifying us of the new registration.

We search for "Slack" in the app field in the action window - 

Next, we pick "Send a channel message" as our event - 

Next, you will need to connect your Slack account to use with this Zap. Click on "Choose account" then "Connect a new account". Once connected, click on "Continue" to set up the action details.

Pick the Slack channel to send the notification to, then in the "Message Text" field you can pick the member data to send to Slack. Clicking on it will show a dropdown with the various fields you can use in your Zaps.

There are other options you can set here, but for our purpose that's all we need. Scroll down and click "Continue". On the next step, Zapier will test the action by sending a message to your Slack. 

Click on "Test & Continue" to run the test and complete the Zap.

If the test completes successfully, you can now turn on your Zap by clicking on "Turn on Zap". From now on, every member that registers in your account will send a notification to your Slack channel, until you turn off this Zap.

List of available Triggers, Actions and Search

We just described creating a Zap that is triggered by Gymdesk. That is called a "Trigger" in Zapier lingo. We have 3 of those:

Trigger: Add Member

Triggers when a member signs up or is added to your account

Trigger: Add Lead

Triggers when a lead is captured in your account

Trigger: Check-in

Triggers when a member checks-in to your gym.

Aside from triggers, we also have actions and searches that are triggered by other services. For example, you can use your Email marketing software, such as Mailchimp or Active Campaign, create leads directly in your Gymdesk account. In this case, the trigger is your Email marketing software, and the action is a part of Gymdesk. 

We have 3 actions available:

Action: Add Member

Create a member in your Gymdesk account based on data from another service.

Action: Add Lead

Create a lead in your Gymdesk account based on data from another service.

Action: Create Booking

Create a booking in your Gymdesk account based on data from another service.

And lastly, we have searches which allow you to pull data from your Gymdesk account and use it elsewhere. Setting up services is a bit more complicated - it requires setting up a trigger first (from a different service), then invoking the search on Gymdesk, and lastly using that search to invoke an action from another service. You can use this for example to import your Gymdesk contacts to another system.

Search: Get Members

Get the list of members in your Gymdesk account based on various filters.

Search: Get Leads

Get the list of leads in your Gymdesk account based on various filters.

Search: Get Bookings

Get the list of upcoming bookings in your Gymdesk account based on various filters.

Search: Get Attendance

Get the list of attendance in your Gymdesk account based on various filters.

You can see the filters available for each search when you set it up on Zapier - the list of available fields will be shown and you can optionally pass values into each.