Integrating with your own website

Many of our online features can be used with your existing website. In this article we'll go over how to add Gymdesk functionality to your website.

1. Embedding the schedule

You can embed your schedule on any page on your website, which also includes the booking functionality. To embed the schedule go to "Website" from your main menu, and then click on "Schedule" from the sub menu. 

Click on the "Embed Code" button to open the instructions for embedding the schedule. It involves inserting a script on the page, and then placing an HTML element where you want the schedule to show up.

2. Adding Email capture forms

You can add Email capture forms to your website, on specific pages or on every page as a popup. To create capture forms, go to "Website" from your main menu, and then "Forms" from the sub menu. 

Create an Email capture form, such as a form for 14 day trials or kids memberships. Once your form has been created, you will be able to click on the "Embed" link from the forms list screen.

3. Linking the member sign-up and log-in pages

We provide standalone sign-up and member account log-in pages you can link to directly from your website. To get the links, go to "Website" from your main menu. Make sure the site feature is unpublished (as you're using your own website instead). 

You will see two standalone links - one for the sign-up form, and one for the log-in to the member portal.

4. Embedding the booking widget

You can use the booking functionality through the schedule widget mentioned above. However, if you prefer to have the booking functionality available separately, you can embed our booking widget by going to "Gym" from your main menu, then "Bookings", and lastly "Settings". 

Instructions for embedding the booking widget will be on the right side.

5. Online Shop

We provide a standalone online shop you can link directly from your site to process online orders for your products. To activate and use the online shop, go to "Sales" from your main menu, then "Settings" from the sub-menu. Activate the Online Shop feature, and the link will show up below.

Working with site builders

Certain side builders such as Squarespace and Wix are not as straightforward to work with when adding our widgets. If you are using one of those, check out our instructions below on how to add the widgets to your site.