Referral Rewards

You can reward successful referrals by your members by giving a discount or credit to a member's next payment, or a continuous discount on their membership payments.

Setting up referral rewards

You can enable referral rewards from the marketing settings

The rewards for a successful referral can be applied in several ways:

  • A fixed amount off the next scheduled payment or recurring membership payment
  • A percentage off the next scheduled payment or recurring membership payment (up to 100%)

In addition, you can set whether referral rewards are applied automatically, or require a manual input. Turning off auto rewards allows you to make a case-by-case decision on the referral rewards. That can be useful if you provide rewards for referrals that go beyond payment discounts - such as training gear, private classes and so forth.

How referral rewards are applied

Rewards are applied to a member's account when their next scheduled payment is processed. At that time, rewards are applied through the following process:

  • All referrals made by the member are pulled, and applied by referral date.
  • A referral reward will only be applied if the referred member is still active.
  • If a member made multiple referrals, they would be processed consecutively until all are processed or the total discount is equal or more than the scheduled payment.
  • If the member's scheduled payment is discounted completely and they made additional referrals, those would be counted towards the next auto-pay payment.


  • A member has a monthly payment of $100, and made 3 referrals worth $60 each
  • On the payment date, before charging the member's payment card, the system pulls up his referrals.
  • After the first referral is applied, the monthly payment would be $40. Then the second referral is applied, bringing the payment amount to $0 (any amount going over the payment total is discarded).
  • The 3rd referral would be applied on the next scheduled payment. At that time, the member would be pay $40 (the $100 monthly amount, minus the $60 referral reward).
  • If any of the referrals cancel their membership before the payment was processed, the referring member will not receive a discount for that referral.