Digital Point-of-sale

You can create on-demand transactions for gear and product sales using our digital point-of-sale feature. 

To accept payment cards or use members' on-file payment methods, make sure to finish setting up your billing settings first.

Creating a Sale

Clicking on the "Sales" link from your main account menu will send you to the "Create Sale" screen. 

If you had already set up your products you can add it to the sale by clicking on the "Add to Sale" button next to each. If a product has multiple variants, click on the variant selector to change to a different option.

You can also click on the "Add line item" button to add line items without products. Once you add a few items to the sale, you can get to the sale summary by clicking on the cart icon in the top-right corner.

Taxes will be applied once you add a line item (you can adjust taxes in your billing settings). You can also add a discount by clicking on the "+ Discount" button.

Processing Sale Payment

You have several options for processing payments for a sale, which you can select using the tabs in the payment area on the right.

You can enter payment card details by keying it in in the "Payment card" section. If you connected a card-reader in your billing settings, you will also see the option to swipe a physical card.

If you are creating a sale for an existing member, you can use any payment methods they already have on file. Start entering a member's name, and pick them from the dropdown that shows up below.

Once you select a member, you'll be able to pick from their on-file payment methods (including bank debit accounts).

You can also uncheck the "Use payment method" box to key-in payment details manually for that member.

Manual Payments

If you are accepting payments offline - cash, checks - or through a 3rd party system, you can use the "manual payment" option to create the sale without processing a payment directly.


You can also defer payment to later by creating an invoice instead.

If you have selected an existing member, the invoice will show up in their online account and they'll be able to pay it online. Otherwise, payment needs to be completed through your manager account later, once payment details are obtained.

Next, we'll go over Sales Management