Member ranks / levels

You can manage the current and previous ranks or levels a member has in any of the programs that are running at your gym. Learn more about setting up the gym programs and ranks.

Managing Ranks / Levels

You can view and manage a member's ranks by going to the "Ranks" tab on their profile. If promotion notifications are set up your programs, you will see attendance summary in the ranks as well.

Click on the "Add Rank" button to add a new rank to the member. Select the program first, and then rank. You can pick which date the rank was awarded on.

Promotion Reporting

If you set up your promotion requirements for your programs and ranks, you can view a promotion report showing your members' progress towards their next rank.

You can find the report under "Members" -> "Attendance" -> "Promotions". 

You can show only members who have met their promotion requirements or members in a specific program by clicking on the "Filter" button and selecting the options you would like to see.

Mass Promotions / Grading Events

You can promote multiple members quickly or add them to a grading event from the promotions report. Click on the "Promote" button in the top-right corner to get started, select the members you would like to promote / test, and then click on the "Continue" button.

On the promotion screen, you select the rank each member is being awarded, and optionally add a written evaluation, which would be saved on their profile under the "Documents" tab.

If you have skills set up as promotion requirements, you can add an evaluation for each skill the member is testing for.

You can then select whether to promote the members immediately, or create a testing event to be graded at a later date. Choose "Promote Later" at the top of the form if it's the latter.

If you selected to promote later, you will have the option to send Email invitation for members who have been added to the event.

You can continue to adjust the ranks and evaluation until you hit the "Complete" button on the grading event. You can also mark a member as failed the test by picking the "No promotion" option at the top of the rank selector.

Promotion Event History

You can access past and in-progress promotion events from the promotion report screen. Click on "Events" from the sub-menu to access the list of promotion events.