A guide to online member accounts

The member portal provides you with online access to your account with your gym. You can manage your personal information and payment details, review attendance history, view your gym’s schedule, get access to exclusive gym content, sign documents and get in touch with your gym.

Your Profile

After logging in to your account, the main screen you see is your profile screen. General information and actions are on the left, and in the middle you have an overview of your account with your gym.

The sidebar shows your photo, name, how long you’ve been a member, your check-in code, personal details, your rank, payment method, and if you’re enrolled in a family account.

Under your profile picture there are two buttons. The “Edit” button gives you access to edit your profile information. The second button with the barcode will pull up your membership card so you can easily pull it up for checking-in with your barcode on your phone, if your gym provides that option. 

At the bottom of the profile sidebar, you can add a payment method to your account by clicking on “Add Payment Method”. This will pop up a screen where you can input your card or bank information to store on file for all payments.

  • The Quick Action section can be used to book a class, check-in to a class, and contact your gym.
  • Under the Quick Actions is a graph of your attendance for the last 30 days.
  • The Bookings section shows your upcoming bookings that are scheduled as well as another button to book a class.
  • The Membership section shows what membership(s) you are currently enrolled in.
  • The Payment section shows your overdue, scheduled and completed payments at a glance.



Clicking on the "Billing" tab in the main menu takes your to an overview of your scheduled payments, overdue payments, past payments, and purchases from your gym's shop.  You can address any past due payments from here and print out or download past receipts if needed.

If you click the "Payment Methods" tab within the billing screen, it will bring you to this screen above. You can view and update your payment information here as well.


  • If you have the Check-in tab in your account, that means your gym allows you to check-in from the member portal. If you have any overdue payments, those will appear above the membership details with a quick access button to resolve that before checking in.
  • Clicking on “Access Details” will show you what programs you have access to for check-in.
  • The “Available Sessions” shows you the upcoming sessions you’re allowed to check-in to. Simply click on a session and you will be checked in to that session.


Ranks and Levels

This tab shows the progression of your ranks. You can see what belts you’ve earned, your current rank, as well as the days you were promoted in each rank.


The Attendance tab is an overview of your attendance and skills you’ve learned. Every time you check-in to a class, it will be automatically logged here. If you hold multiple ranks in different disciplines, you can filter through your attendance by discipline by clicking on the “All Attendance” button.

If your gym enables it, you can also see the promotion requirements to the next rank or level from this screen.


You can view your gym's schedule by clicking on the "Gym" tab in the main menu. You can view classes easily at a glance, see what skills you’ll be training in the class if your gym uses skills, you can book directly from the schedule if your gym allows bookings. You can filter classes by instructors and programs. You also have the “My Bookings” section available and this will also show you your upcoming classes you’ve booked.


You can use this tab to book sessions with your gym. Click the class you’d like to book a session for and it will open a calendar for you to select a time that is available.   You can also view your upcoming sessions you’ve booked in the “My Bookings” section.



You can view content your gym has uploaded for you in this tab. This content can range from training materials, instructional videos and more.


The Documents tab shows the documents your gym has uploaded for you to view and sign. You can sign documents by clicking the “Sign” button. You can view the document details by clicking the Eye button.


Clicking on the shop tab will bring you to your gym’s online store. You can purchase items directly from here with your payment card information which is stored securely in your member account. You also have the option to add a different payment card for the shop purchase if you’d rather use a different card. If your gym allows shipping, you’ll have the option to select that and use your address on file, otherwise your purchase will need to be picked up.


The Contact screen is where you can send a message to the gym right from your profile. It also shows you your messaging history with the gym.