Marketing Automations

Gymdesk provides powerful automation features to automate your marketing and member retention efforts. In this article we'll go over how to set up automations and the different tools available to you through this feature.

To access and manage automations, go to Marketing from the main menu, then Automations from the sub navigation.

How Automations Work

An automation is a sequence of actions that process automatically for your members, visitors and leads. An automation has a trigger - a specific condition that starts the automation. The following conditions can be a trigger for automations on Gymdesk:

  • New member sign-up - When a member signs up through the sign-up form.
  • New visitor sign-up - When a lead signs up through the sign-up form.
  • New lead created - Can be targeted specifically to different lead acquisition sources, such as web forms and bookings.
  • New membership - Triggered when a new membership / trial starts for a member / visitor. You can also specify target specific memberships in different automations.
  • Promotion - Triggered when the member is awarded a new rank / level. You can also create different automations for different ranks / levels.
  • Absence - Triggered when the member is absent (has not logged attendance) a certain number of days.
  • Member frozen - Triggered when a member account is frozen
  • Member canceled - Triggered when a member account is canceled
  • Booking no-show - Triggered when a member / lead does not check-in to their booking within a certain period of time after class starts (the time period can be configured in the booking settings).
  • Manual Trigger - Does not trigger automatically, but this automations can be added manually to members / leads by the staff.

Stop Previous Automations
When setting up the automation trigger, you can also set it to stop previous automations. You can have it stop all previous automations, or select specific ones.

Always Exit Automation If
Finally, you can set a global exit condition, that stops the automation for a contact when the condition is fulfilled.

Automations Steps

After specifying the trigger condition for the automation, you build it by adding steps from the left sidebar. Steps are grouped into 3 buckets: Messages, Flow and Actions.


Email - Send an Email message. Would only be sent if the contact has a valid Email address
SMS - Send an SMS/Text message. Would only be sent if the contact has a valid phone number
Push Notification - Send a push notification to the Gymdesk Members app. Would only be sent if the contact installed the app


Delay - Add a delay between steps in the automation. You can specify the delay by any number of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or sessions. The Session delay will count sessions attended since the previous step in the automation.

Split - Add a split in the automation based on a condition you specify. Available conditions include:

  • Booked a session - Checks if the contact booked any session, a session from a specific schedule, or a specific session
  • Has a membership - Checks if the contact has a membership (any or a specific membership)
  • Canceled a membership - Checks if the contact canceled a membership (any or a specific membership)
  • Replied to this automation - Checks if the contact replied to a previous message in this automation
  • Has tag - Checks if the contact has a specific tag on their profile

Start automation - You can chain multiple automations by adding a step that start a new automation at that point in time. 


Change contact  - Perform an action on the contact. Options available are:

  • Add / Remove tag - Add or remove a specific tag from this contact
  • Change status - Change the status of the contact. This includes freezing / canceling / activating members, and moving leads between custom statuses.
  • Change type - Change the type of the contact between member / visitor / lead.

Create Task - Create a task associated with this contact. You can optionally assign it to a staff member, and set a due date in the future.

Send Webhook - Send a request to a web URL with details about the contact. This allows you to connect the automation to external and custom systems that support webhooks.

The webhook contains the following parameters with details about the contact:

  • member_id - Unique identifier for this contact
  • name - The name of the contact
  • email - The contact's Email address (if any)
  • phone - The contact's phone number (if any)

Managing Automations for Members / Leads

You can view which automations are currently running for a member by visiting their Messaging tab. Currently active and previous automations would be shown, and can be paused / removed if needed.

Once an automation has ended or have been unsubscribed from by the member, it would show up in the "Ended" tab in the Automations section.