There are several to create and apply discounts for your members and products within Gymdesk. You can include a family discount within a membership, or you can add a discount code from the Discounts tab in the Billing section of your account. Read below to learn more about leveraging discounts for your studio in Gymdesk.

Creating discounts

You can create reusable discounts for internal use by staff members, or publicly by members or website visitors. Discounts can be used to discount memberships, point-of-sale transactions and sales on the online shop.

To add a discount, first, click on Billing from the left side menu, then the Discounts tab. Click on the green ADD DISCOUNT button and fill in the details for your discount code. 

Input the following details for your discount code:

  • A title
  • A percentage or dollar amount
  • Whether it can be applied to your online shop, as a sign-up discount, or both
  • Whether it will apply to the member’s first payment or all payments
  • Optionally, a public discount code, eg. 20OFF - this will be used for applying discounts in the sign-up form, and in the online shop
  • Optionally, the number of times it can be used
  • And an optional expiration date

Applying discounts

You can apply sign-up discount codes on the Member Sign-Up page. In the Membership section, enter the discount code you’d like to use, then click the green right-pointing arrow to apply it. You’ll see the discount apply automatically to the applicable membership selection options to the right.

Once you select the membership and complete the sign-up, they will be charged the discounted amount upon sign-up.

You can also apply discounts when creating a sale from the Point of Sale page. Add items to your sale, then from the Sale Summary you will see a +DISCOUNT button with a dropdown. You can select either an existing discount code, or enter a manual discount amount or percentage.

When you continue to payment, the sale being created will apply your added discount to the total price.

Online shop discounts can be applied when making purchases on your online shop. Members should add items to their cart from the shop, then click Apply Discount Code on the checkout screen to add the relevant discount code.

The discount will automatically apply to the order total upon checkout.

Family discounts 

You can also create percentage-based family discounts within a membership. From Members → Memberships, either edit an existing membership option or add a new one. If you’re creating a Single Member type membership, you can input custom percentage discounts for family members that also join your gym.

Set your preferred pricing structure for the membership, then under FAMILY PRICING, set the price of the membership based on how many family members join. In the example above, two family members joining would pay a total of $120 per month, three family members would pay $140 per month, etc. This enables families to have multiple gym members under one membership for a more affordable price.