Payment List

The payment list shows all payments processed or scheduled through the system. The list is filtered into the 4 payment statuses:

  • Paid - Shows all payments that have been marked as paid
  • Scheduled - Shows all payments that have been scheduled to a future date
  • Pending - Bank debits that have been posted. Can take 5-7 days to process.
  • Overdue - Shows all overdue payments
  • Refunded - Shows all the payments that have been refunded

You can also search each list by member first and last name, transaction ID (also appears on the payment invoice sent to the member), transaction date and program.


For each payment in the system, you can view the invoice details and make modifications if the payment has not been processed yet. Payment that have been processed can be refunded.

You can get to the invoice screen by clicking on the "Invoice" button in the payment list.

The invoice screen shows a summary of the payment, with details about the payee and payer, transaction information and payment status.

You can print the invoice by clicking on the print icon in the top-right corner. You can also resend the invoice by Email by clicking on the "Resend invoice" button.

Issuing Refunds

If a payment has been processed with a payment card through the system, you can issue a refund directly from the invoice screen or from the payment list. Clicking on the "Refund" button leads to the refund screen.

You can make a partial refund by adjusting the refund amount before submitting. You can continue issuing refunds until the full amount is refunded.