Automations are sequences of Email or text/SMS messages that are sent automatically to the member at specific times. Automations can be used to guide new members through their first few months, send grading requirements after promotions, and help convert leads into full time members.

Managing Automations

You can manage automations by going to the Marketing section of your account, and then clicking on the Automations tab in the sub-menu.

From this screen you can edit or remove existing automations. To create a new automation, click on the Create Automation button.

Automation Properties

When creating an automation, select a title that would make it easy to refer to later, when you have many automations set up.

Start On: You can select different conditions for starting an automation of messages. 

  • Member Sign-up: Starts when a member signs-up or is added by a staff member.
  • Visitor Sign-up: Starts when a visitor signs-up or is added by a staff member. 
  • New Lead: Starts when a new lead is created through a website capture form, a booking, or added manually by a staff member.
  • Membership Start: Starts when a new membership is assigned. This includes membership selection during sign-up.
  • Promotion: Starts when a new rank is awarded to a member. This does not apply to visitors.
  • Absence: Sends automated messages to the member when they have not checked-in for the specified number of days.

Stop Previous Automations: In some cases, it's preferable to stop previous automations when starting a new automation. For example, if you have a sequence for new members that helps them convert to a paid membership, it should stop when they select a membership. Use this option to cancel active automations when a new automation starts for a member.


You can add any number of messages to an automation, which will be sent at specific times you'll define.

Send After: Controls when the message will be sent out, either by time from the start of the automation, or by the number of sessions the member attended since the start of the automation (you can switch between the two using the small dropdown next to the "Send After" title). 

Note that the timing setting for each message is from the start of the automation (for example, from when a member joins), and not from the previous message.

Type: A message can be either an Email message, or a text/SMS message if you have your texting number set-up in the marketing settings (text/SMS rates will apply). You can mix Email and text messages in the same sequence.

Subject: Only applies to Email messages - the subject of the Email sent to the member.

Message: The contents of the message that is sent to the member.

To help keep track of messages sent, you can view a log of messages sent to each member by visiting a member profile and clicking on the "Message Log" option in the member profile tabs.

Opting Out Of Automations

Each message sent in an automatic sequence contains the option for the member to opt-out of the automation. In Email message, an unsubscribe link is included at the bottom of the message. In text / SMS messages, the message will end saying Reply "STOP to unsubscribe. If the member replies with "Stop", they will be removed from all text messaging.

When a member unsubscribes from a specific sequence, they all have the option to unsubscribe from all Email communication. This is indicated when you edit their profile as a checkbox that reads "Do not Email".