Business Texting in the US - 10DLC

US mobile carriers have enacted new requirements for application-to-person messaging over regular 10 digit phone numbers (10DLC - 10 digit long code numbers).

In order to reduce spam and other unwanted texting behavior, US carriers require businesses who want to use automated texting to register their texting numbers. Texts from unregistered businesses will suffer lower delivery rates and throughput, and would eventually be blocked completely.

To comply with those requirements and to provide a better texting experience for our users, we added the 10DLC registration flow to our texting setup. 

How to register

If you are based in the US, go to the SMS messaging screen ("Marketing" -> "Messaging" -> "SMS"). You will see a notice regarding 10DLC registration - click the button to get started. We collect a few required pieces of information regarding your business, which we then submit to the carriers for brand and texting campaign registration.

There is a cost associated with submitting a business for 10DLC registration - those costs are charged by our texting provider and are passed to you with no markup. 

Once submitted, it can take a few days for registration to complete. Delays might be longer when there are a lot of registrations happening (due to those changes being announced only recently, many businesses are now registering). 

We will notify you by Email once your registration is complete, and you can check the status from the messaging screen at any time.